Warhammer 40,000 tournaments come in all shapes and sizes, and it can get confusing. So we compiled everything you need to know about them in here.

Fact:  Tournaments are awesome.  In fact, it’s what The Mismatched Play is all about.

And Warhammer 40,000 tournaments come in many shapes and sizes, all with their own unique twists. But finding the correct information on the various events can be a pain.

So we have gathered the most popular variants here.


40K Tournament Formats



Unified Team Format ( ETC / ATC Format )

The Unified Team Format is the most popular team format around the globe.  It’s what the European Team Championship uses, and has a lot of variants.


ITC ( Independant Tournament Circuit )

Born in the “tournaments were abandonned by old-GW” era of 7th edition, the ITC is currently the most popular tournament format.  The ITC also offers a player ranking by region and faction, and culminates in the largest 40K tournament of all, the Las Vegas Open ( LVO )


NOVA Format

From the NOVA Open, the NOVA Format shares a lot with the ITC.  Where NOVA is different, is with it’s fixed terrain and adaptative victory conditions.


Adepticon Format

Adepticon offers a unique team format as well as quite straightforward missions for their Championship.  Because it is quite straightforward, it usually brings out really powerful army lists.

Logo_MMP_BLEU 500

The MMP Hobby Format

This format is best suited for RTTs and game store tournaments, where the hobby as a whole is rewarded.  It is a quite simple template and format to use and players don’t need a whole lot of preparation beforehand.