ATC 2019 Winning Lists

What does it take to win the ATC you might ask?

According to the results, Discowheelies and a nearly dying from sickness teammate.  Failing that, these lists might help.

ATC 2019 Winning Lists

Today we break down the lists from the winning team of the 2019 American Championship: The Wobbly Gentlemen!

The Wobbly Gentlemen

The Wobbly Gentlemen is a super team comprised of returning team members from team Wobbly Modelers and Gentlemen Gaming.

With the all new roster of team America for the ETC, both team merged their players to form an ETC practice squad.

The Lists

Brad Chester – 5CP Space Elves

An interesting mix between the Wave Serpent Spam with the artillery tanks ( Night Spinners and Fire Prisms ) and the flyer spam.

This list trades in a lot of board control, a role usually filled by the guardians, rangers and handful of characters, for added firepower.

Nick Rose – Grots, Ghazghkull, Glory, and Grots

This list is the true embodiment of my favorite motto: ” The only thing I spam is wins”, featuring 260 gretchins, 3 Orks*, a bunch of Nobs and 6 HQs.

The Flashgitz pack the firepower of the list, protected by a quite hefty grot shield.

All you need them to do is to walk to the middle of the board to shoot, and hopefully roll that 6.

Meanwhile, you flood the board with your other units.  Turns out you don’t really need Ork boyz to do the dirty work when buffed up gretchins can do it for less points.

Juice – Genestealer Cult

An old school take on the Genestealer ( I mean, old school as in, not the popular newer version of lists ) that is a lot more bodies and a few hard hitting troop.

It does feature the ” What do you mean screening unit ” hand flamer acolytes, but the punch comes from the Jackals with demo charges and the hybrids.

Austin Wingfield – The other Chaos List

If THE one chaos list is Jim Vesal’s / TJ Lanigan’s, this is a close second.

Plaguebearers for board presence; Mortarion and Disco Lords for firepower, and an Epitome to make sure no one leaves the party early.

This is an aggressive “remove your models plz thx” type list that is a staple of Austin’s play style and list design.

Kelsey Haley – Shadowcrutch

I’ve kept this list for last because it is by far my favorite.

This list is a team tournament all star.

It’s easily skipped over because Astra Militarum are prized in many lists for cheap command points, or for the ever popular Catachan & Castellan list.

When you can dodge certain matchups, this list is incredible. In fact, besides a loss to Tau, Kelsey tabled all of his opponent, including 3 chaos lists.

You can check out all the ATC 2019 lists in this google drive,  or learn more about the Unified Team Format here.

*The runtherd, Mad Doc and the deffkopta pilot.

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