A Soup Clad in Gold

A closer look at Custodes Soup,  the BAO 2019 winning list from Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson.

This article is two-fold.

One part is about the Custodes Soup list, an elite list that is dominating the Imperium’s tournament presence.

The other part is about the list’s creator, Geoff ‘iNcontroL’ Robinson.

BAO 2019 – The Custodes Soup

This list is a true testament of the “soup” list building.  Something powerful, and a surrounding cast of Command Points and toolbox units.

How it works

You have the Vex Banner Guy in the middle, a shooting castle surrounding it, and a plethora of tricks and cheap Catachan to protect said shooty castle.

As with most shooty army, your goal is to remove your opponent’s model as quickly as possible, and then figure out how to get points.

This list falls a little bit short on board capture, and has very few options when it is out-gunned.

If you want a more thorough guide to play with and/or against the list, I highly recommend Matt Root’s in-depth review.

Geoff ‘ iNcontroL’ Robinson

As you probably know, Geoff has passed away at the young age of 33.

Geoff came into the scene with his Star Craft pro player approach, his goal at the time was to be the world best ‘Nids player.

His passion for competitive gaming followed suit, and his involvement in 40K and Frontline Gaming helped tremendously propel Warhammer 40K to an e-sports level of a game.  

The tournament scene and the entire game would not be where it is at today without him.

I don’t have a fun anecdote to share, or a bonding story with Geoff, having known him almost exclusively through chatting on Facebook about lists and streaming.

However, I leave you with this quite rare picture of ATC 2016, where he tabled Nick Nanavati on turn 1, in a game that barely lasted half an hour.

I’m sorry if this article is somewhat broken down and weirdly written, but like many, I am still in shock about the news of Geoff’s passing, having chatted with him the day before his passing when writing the 1st part of the article.

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