From the Warp ( and Turkey… ) ETC 2019 LIST

Move over TJ Lanigan, here’s a different take on the Daemons and Thousand Sons list!  

This list comes from the Turkish ETC team and brings back a couple of chaos favorites!

I came across this army list while helping my friend Eric playtest for the upcoming ETC, as Canada is facing Turkey in the first round.  

It’s a pretty different take on using Thousand Sons and Chaos Daemons, steering away from the TJ Lanigan / Jim Vesal sort of list.

Daemon Bombz – ETC 2019

You end up trading your plaguebearers for a large pink horror unit that splits into blue horrors using the 245 reserve points and Warp Surge strat.

You also trade the firepower unit of choice ( Death Guard Terminators for TJ, Deredero Dreadnoughts for Jim ) for more tarpit units, that pack a bunch with a couple of buffs, the Bloodletter+Herald and the Dark Matter-ed Tzaangors.

OP Level

I don’t think this will be a super high scoring list in ETC, as it is most likely going to be used as a blocking list.

This list has a lot of potential for NOVA because of the big L terrain pieces.  They buff your firepower units, that can hide and charge through them.

You can checkout more infos on the ETC here.


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