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TJ Lanigan and Jim Vesal have been terrorizing the tournament scene for the past year.  They both run a similar list featuring Plaguebearers and Psychic Powers a plenty.

Plaguebearers and Psychic Powers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are brand new to the tournament scene, chances are you have seen this type of list before.  But the website wouldn’t feel complete without mentioning it.

Here are 2 popular versions:

Jim Vesal’s Adepticon 2019 Winning list



TJ Lanigan’s Canadian ETC 2019 List

== Battalion Detachment == Chaos Daemons (Nurgle) [47 PL, 837pts] +5 CP

HQ1: Poxbringer <nurgle> [4PL,70] Psychic Power- Miasma of Pestilence
HQ2: Sloppity Bilepiper <nurgle> [3PL,60]
HQ3: Changecaster <Tzeench> [4PL,65] Psychic Power- Flickering Flames
TR1: 28 Plaguebearer(196), 1 Plagueridden (7), Daemonic Icon (15) <Nurgle> [12PL,218] TR2: 28 Plaguebearers 196), 1 Plagueridden (7), Daemonic Icon (15) <Nurgle> [12PL,218] TR3: 28 Pink Horrors (196) Instrument of Chaos (10) <Tzeench> [12PL,206]

== Vanguard Detachment == Chaos Death Guard [44PL 665 Points] +1 CP Extra Relic (-1CP)

HQ4: Daemon Price (146), Wings (24) Malefic Talon(10) <Death Guard> [9PL,180] Psychic Power – Blades of Putrefaction, Extra Relic- Surpurating Plate
Elite 1: Foul Blightspawn <Death Guard> [4PL,77]

Elite 2: Foul Blightspawn <Death Guard> [4PL,77]
Elite 3: 7 Blightlord Terminators (238) Blightlord Terminator champion (34) ,7 Combi-Bolters(14) 7 Bubotic Axes(35) ,1 Flail of corruption (10) <Death Guard> [27PL, 331pts]

==Supreme Command Detachment== Thousand Sons [25PL 491] +1CP

HQ 5: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch(146), 1 Malefic Talon (10), Wings (24) <Thousand Sons> [10PL,180] WARLORD: High Magister, RELIC: Helm of
the Third Eye, Psychic- Bolt of Change, Warptime
HQ 6: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch(146), 1 Malefic Talon (10), Wings (24) <Thousand Sons>[10PL,180] Psychic Powers- Infernal Gaze, Gaze of Fate

HQ 7: Ahriman (131) <Thousand Sons> [7PL,131] Psychic Powers- Prescience, Doombolt, Tzeentch’s Firestorm

Because it is so popular, the tactics and few variants of this list have been discussed a gazillion times already.  Click here to read Matt Root’s thoughts on it, which is in my opinion the most thorough analysis of it.


Basically, 2 large Plaguebearer units, a supporting cast of Nurgle and Thousand Sons Characters, and then some firepower units, like the Death Guard Terminators for TJ, or the Khorne Knight-bustin’ Daemon Prince and Dreadnought for Jim.

The best part of the list is that it doesn’t care so much about going 1st or second, a feat that very few lists achieve.

Jim’s most recent iteration of the list features The Purge Deredero Dreadnought ( that he lovingly calls Purge Doritos ).

The new Chaos Knight codex will also probably be a choice addition to this list, as having some form of long range threat is something that was missing from the list.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of newer lists in the tournament scene are direct counters to this list, namely Geoff Robinson’s Custodes & Soup and the ever popular Krast Imperial Knights.

I fully expect plaguebearers to go up by a point in the next batch of FAQs, because of the success this list has.


Pictures are of TJ’s army, provided by TJ.

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