Adepticon 2019 Championship Recap

Adepticon 2019 marked my return to the tournament scene after a 1 year hiatus.

For some it’s a large convention with a bajilion different games and seminars.  For me, it’s four days of cramming as many games of  Warhammer 40,000 in every format imaginable.  I’ve played more games during Adepticon than I’ve played in 2019 .

The Warhammer 40K Championship

I’ve been to Adepticon every year for the past decade.  Even in this last year of hiatus from tournaments, I still keep this yearly pilgrimage alive.

Unlike previous years, I actually built a decent army instead of just winging it with pretty models with 0 tabletop potency.  I ran Tony Kopach’s Castellan List, which you can read about here.

This year, the greatest challenge of the Championship was getting my army to the event.  My plan was to ship my army to my teammates from Virginia that were driving, and having them ship it back after the event.

Alas, it was not to be! For a price close to my monthly rent, the postal service couldn’t guarantee my army would arrive on time.  Oh the humanity!

I scrambled for a few days to get my too large display board some sort of travel arrangement, even contemplating sawing it in half; and made sure I had a backup army and display board, in case that my stuff never made it or were savagely destroyed by bagage handling.


In the end, my ghetto travel contraption made it and I played the champs with the army I intended!

Game One: Custodes

Travel all the way to Chicago to play round one versus a fellow canhuck!  And not just any canhuck: Darren of the Canhammer podcast, who was playing one of the hardest match for my army: Custodes Jetbikes.

Everything that could go wrong in this game did, from deploying poorly in an unfavourable deployment, to whiffing my 1st shooting phase.  The game spiralled out of my control rather quickly.

0-1 for yours truly.

However, this was my 3rd game playing the army, and it shaped how I played my other 3 games in the tournament.  From that point on, I started every game with this guiding Dwight motto:

How will I lose this game atrociously?  And the proceeded to not do whatever that was.


Game Two: Eldar

I might have game 2 and 3 backwards, I honestly don’t remember the order.

With my new cunning plan, I faced my second opponent playing a pretty standard Eldar list, with Wave Serpents, Guardians, a unit of Dark Reapers and a unit of Shinning Spears.

My initial plan was to weaken the Shinning Spears to take away their alpha strike potential, and then remove as many guardians as possible to keep my own infantry alive and in control of the board.

This seemed to work well, as by the end of the game, my opponent was down to a Maugen Ra, one or two Dark Reapers and a banged up Wave Serpent.

1-1 we are keeping the submarine alive.

Game Three: Chaos

Game 3 was interesting for me, as my opponent knew this matchup well and was prepared for it, bringing in a Khorne DP with the relic axe that just wrecks my knight if it can get his hands in it.  The chaos list is also includes a chaos knight with gatling and battle cannon, a dark matter crystal tzaangor bomb, a blood letter bomb, and plaguebearers to shield his characters

My plan for this game was to

  • Kill the knight
  • Screen with rows after rows of guardsmen to slow the close combat train
  • Block the Khorne meanie from reaching my knight.

This seemed to be the plan my opponent expected, as the game played pretty much textbook from turn one with the Castellan killing off the knight, and my guardsmen and sentinels advancing well ahead of my army to push the deep strikers back as far as possible.

My opponent was rather unlucky in his attempt to gain momentum.  Starting on the back foot, he needed to make things happen, but everything he tried I either stopped, or failed on its own volition.

2-1 for yours truly, and all the pressure of doing horribly in the tournament was gone.

Game Four: Castellan + Deathwatch + Lucky 32

I was looking forward to this game, because it is quite similar to my round one game:  a bucketful of shots that can ruin my guardsmen.  This time however, there was also a Castellan to deal with.

The plan this game was this:

  • Kill the castellan before yours dies
  • Don’t lose 70 guardsmen to bolter fire turn 1
  • Bullgryns are the wrecking crew of this matchup

I will be honest, I have not done the maths on Castellan shooting another Castellan, with Ion Shield and Order of Companion, so I placed my stuff away from everything else in case it exploded, and out of range of mostly everything else to make this a true 1v1 fight between the knights.

My reasoning behind this was the following ( and it might be wrong )

  • Opp turn one:  He Companions, I Rotate Ion Shield.
  • My Turn one:  I Companion, he Rotates Ion Shield
  • Opp Tun two: He companions and his left short of Rotate Shields CPs, or doesn’t companion on his weakened Knight and I still Rotate Shield.
  • My turn two:  KABLAMO!

Lo and behold, my ” bite down the mouthpiece and take it for a turn” approach paid off as I shrugged off enough damage on the knight to return fire at full capacity and proceeded to take down the knight turn two.

The rest of the game was artillery shooting at deathwatch and playing fisty-cuffs with them with the Bullgryns.

And so, armed with the wisdom of Dwight, I managed a quite respectable 3-1 finish in the championship, ending 30th out of 256 players for Battle Points and 19th Overall.


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